Girls in boys underwear!

Cute girls in boys underwear, what else?
!!!Feel free to submit photos of yourself!!!!!
*NOTICE: we will no longer be answering asks regarding sizing, please use the size charts available from the retailer you are buying from*
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Sorry for terrible angle and quality.

Sorry for terrible angle and quality.

thecalmofrain said: I started to wear boy-styled underwear now because of this blog. Since last year, all of my panties had turned into boy shorts and briefs. I just wish I was attractive enough to show them off for your blog.

don’t you dare put yourself down you lovely human! you are attractive enough to walk the streets in them! STRUT YOUR STUFF, we wanna see and we wanna boost your confidence too!

<3 Lazy

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somebodysfetish said: ummm thanks for another blog I have to follow, and another reason I can't look at Tumblr at work. .... except on my phonnnnne! muahahahaaaa

you’re more than welcome! we strive to interrupt all work efforts ;)



old DIY studded cutoffs 


old DIY studded cutoffs 

Anonymous said: I just wanna say, yours is the best blog I've found in a while omg


Don’t be too shy to submit!!! That goes to all of you!